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Are you looking Web Technologies Training in Velachery? or HTML and CSS Training Institute in Velachery or PHP and MySQL Training Institute in Velachery, in Chennai. AllTechZ Solutions is one of the Best Web Designing and Development Training Institute in Chennai, Provides various packages for Web Designing and Development course in Chennai. Nowadays, All kinds of the companies from different service provider needs to develop a web application to reach out more people in less time for their growth and support, having a website alone is not a guarantee for their success but also preferring a web apps to sales their products or provide the services globally. So IT aspirants will get a wide range of job opportunities if they get training in Web designing and development domain. Even experienced professional also want to get update in this technology. Because of web sites or web applications can access through PC, Laptops, Smart phones, tablets or any other hand held device.

ATS syllabus for Web Designing and Development Training with placement in Velachery.

ATS offers various packages for Advanced Web Designing and Development Training in Velachery, Chennai.

Web Designing course in Chennai at ATS Package:

1st Package : HTML + CSS + Java Script + JQuery
Web Development course in Chennai at ATS Package:
2nd Package : 1st Package + PHP & MySQL +AJAX + XML + MVC
Advanced Web Designing and Development Course in Chennai at ATS package
3rd Package : Package 1 + Package 2 + Boostrap + AngularJS + NodeJS Advanced Web Designing and Development training in Chennai at ATS package
4th Package : P1 + P2 + P3 + Word Press, Joomla, Drupal E-Commerce Training in Chennai at ATS package
5th Package : P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 with Magento

HTML Training in Chennai | HTML Course in Chennai HTML Training in Velachery


Introduction to World Wide Web (WWW) – HTML Internationalization & Accessibility – Character Encoding & References – Document Structure – Meta Tag & Heading Elements – DIV, SPAN and ADDRESS – Text Direction – INS & DEL Tags – Lists & Items -Constructing Tables – Table Directionality – Borders & Alignment – Links & Anchors – Images & Image Maps – Floating Objects & Formatting – Fonts with Styles – Layout Design with Frame Form Control & Types – Elements & Attributes – Structuring with Fieldset – Access Key & Tab Index – Disabled & Read-Only Controls – Index of Elements – Index of Attributes

CSS Training in Chennai | CSS course in Chennai | CSS Training in Velachery


Introduction to CSS – Containment in HTML – Grouping & Inheritance – Class as Selector – ID & Contextual Selectors – Comments – Pseudo – classes & Pseudo – elements – Cascading Order – Formatting Model – List item elements – Floating & Inline elements – Notation for Property Values- Font Properties – Color & Background Properties – Text Properties – Box Properties – Classification Properties – Units & URL

Java Script Training in Chennai Java Script course in Chennai


Introduction to JavaScript – JavaScript in HTML – JavaScript Statement – Write & Writeln – Values & Variables – Literals & Comments – Expressions in JavaScript – Operators – Conditional Statements – Loop Statements – Object Manipulation Statements – Working with Build in Objects – Array & Boolean Objects – Math & Date Objects – String & Number Objects – Working with Build-in Function – isNaN() Function – parseInt() & parseFloat() functions – Exception Handling – Popup Boxes – JavaScript Event Handler – Timing Events – Status Bar & Roll Over – Object Model – Functions in JavaScript – Navigator – Object Hierarchy – JavaScript Reflection – Window & Frame Object – Document & Form Object – Location & History Object – Working with Windows & Frames – Working with MIME Types – Playing Sounds.


Basics of DOM – DOM Hierarchy – DOM Methods – Functions – Form Collection – Table Collections – Inner HTML – Nodes & ChildNodes – DOM with HTML & CSS. Basics of AJAX – Using XMLHTTPRequest Object – AJAX with XML – AJAX with PHP – AJAX with MYSQL – Model View Controller Architecture – SPRINKLE SOME AJAX MAJIC IN YOUR WEB APPLICATION

JQuery Training in Chennai JQuery Course in Chennai Java Query Training in Chennai

Introduction – What is jQuery? – Downloading and installing jQuery – Creating a simple jQuery-enabled page – Overview of jQuery’s features – Retrieving Page Content – Using basic jQuery selectors – Using basic jQuery filters – Using jQuery attribute filters Child, visibility, and content filters – Form selectors and filters – Traversing documents – Understanding jQuery statement chaining – Manipulating Page Content – Creating, getting, and setting content – Manipulating attributes – Inserting content – Wrapping, replacing, and removing content – Working with CSS Working with Events – Understanding the jQuery event handling features – Binding and unbinding events – Convenient event helper methods – Using the jQuery event object – JQuery Animations and Effects – Hiding and showing elements – Fading elements in and out – Sliding elements – Creating custom animations – Using the jQuery UI Plug-In – Introduction to jQuery – Exploring the jQuery UI widgets – Exploring the jQuery UI effects – Using the jQuery UI ThemeRoller – Putting It All Together – Overview of the sample web site – Using the accordion widget – Creating an image rotator – Building hover tooltips – Making an image selector – Using the Resizable effect

PHP Training in Chennai PHP Course in Chennai Advanced PHP course in Chennai


PHP 5 – Syntax notations and other nuances – PHP 5 Configuration Strategies – Overview of PHP internal parameters – PHP 5 configuration parameters – PHP data types -Resources in PHP – PHP 4 Vs PHP 5: Portability /Compatibility Issues – Managing Date, Time and Calendar functions – Scope of variables and functions – Dynamic Function Calls – Parsing Variable arguments in functions – Pre-defined PHP functions – Pre-defined PHP variables and constants – Error Logging in PHP.

Session management & Cookies:

Session management & configuration – Sessions & Security – Custom session handlers – Introduction to cookies – Setting and retrieving cookies – Expiring cookies – Deleting cookies – Storing arrays in cookies

Advanced PHP functions:

Uploading files – Managing HTTP authentication – Managing HTTP headers – Connection Handling – Getting IP address of visitors – Showing different content for different browsers – Packages and PEAR/PECL package repository -Serialization and UnSerialization using PHP

Classes and Objects:

Introduction to OOPs – The PHP5 Object Model – PHP 4 Vs PHP 5 Object Model – Defining Classes – Instantiating Objects – Constructors & Destructors – Cloning – Using the_clone () method – Using the Identity operator – Members & Visibility – Class inheritance – self: parent: and $this – Static members – Abstract methods and Abstract classes – Final methods and Final classes – Overloading.

Advanced OOP and Design patterns in PHP 5:

Singleton – Observer – Decorator – Factory pattern – Conditional functions – Object factory methods – MVC architectural pattern – Command-Dispatch pattern – Creating custom iterators.

PHP and XML:

A quick overview on XML – Validating and Non – validating XML – DTD/XSD/Relax-NG Schema – Understanding Namespaces – An overview of XPath – Parsing XML in PHP – Using the SimpleXML Parser – An overview of W3C DOM

Working with Streams:

Introduction to Streams – Stream Filters – Stream Contexts – Stream Errors – Predefined Stream Wrappers/Protocols – Creating custom streams

PHP Database Connectors and API:

An overview on native database connectors – Database abstraction libraries – Using MYSQL Databases with PHP – MYSQL Vs MYSQLi extensions – Managing MYSQL database with MYSQLi extensions – Procedural Style Vs OO-Style Semantics – Creating new database connection – Checking for mysql connection errors -Checking for mysql connection information – Executing mysql queries – Managing prepared query execution – Binding parameters and results for prepared queries – Fetching data from query result sets – Managing SQLite databases using PHP – SQLite Vs MYSQL – Database abstraction libraries – PDO::MYSQL and PDO::SQLite

Writing Secure PHP applications:

Secure configuration of PHP – PHP Safe Mode settings and their implications on PHP functions – Input validation and Filtering technique – Understanding common attacks/exploits on PHP based websites – XSS attack – Cross-site request forgery – SQL injection attack – DoS attack – Session fixation/hijacking – Using cryptographic functions/API for storing sensitive information – Using Captcha code or other techniques to avoid SPAM-bot attacks – Maintainability, Security Vs Performance

Performance/Scaling of PHP applications:

Scale-up Vs Scale-out architecture – Performance: Identifying bottlenecks and kludges – Re-factoring Design: Tips & Techniques – Load-balanced/Cluster-aware applications – Profiling your PHP application – Code re-factoring: using the right functions/API for your task – De-coupling Modules – Scalable architecture: Design/Development Techniques.

MySQL training in Chennai MySQL Course in Chennai | PHP & MySQL Training in Chennai


Database Management System – Introduction to MYSQL – Enterprise Server Editions of MYSQL – Enterprise Features of MySQL – Enterprise Server 5.1: Partitioning – Row-Based/Hybrid Replication – Event Scheduler – XPath Support – Dynamic General/Slow Query Log – Performance/Load Testing Utility – Full Text Search – Archive Engine – Under Session and Problem – SQL Identification – MYSQL Embedded Library – Additional INFORMATION_SCHEMA Objects – Faster Data Import Operations – ACID Transactions- Stored Procedures – Triggers – Views – Information Schema – Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture – Archive Storage Engine – Normalization – Writing MYSQL Based Programs – Selecting Data from Tables – Table Management – Working with Strings – Dates & Times – Sorting Query Results – Generating Summaries – Uploading Files to MYSQL Metadata – Importing & Exporting Data – Generating & Using Sequences – Using Multiple Tables – Statistical Techniques – Handling Duplicates – Performing Transactions – Using Stored Routines – Triggers & Events – Backup MYSQL Database – Introduction to MYSQL on the Web.

CMS Training in Chennai | CMS Training in Velachery |Word Press Training in Chennai Word Press Training in Velachery

Introduction CMS and WordPress – Why CMS – Advantages and Disadvantages of CMS – WordPress Installation – Setting up wordpress in Local Server – Setting up wordpress in – Remote Server – Upgrading WordPress – Understanding FTP – User Administration – WordPress Admin – Creating Users – User Rights & Roles – WordPress Themes – Free theme Vs Paid Theme – Theme Selection Process – Adding / installing Themes – Changing Themes – Preview & Activating Themes – Working with Widgets – Installing widgets in sidebar – Installing widgets in footer – Working with Menu for your website – Creating menus – Adding pages, posts, categories to menus – Creating Sub-menus – Deleting items from menu – WordPress Plugins – Installing plugins – Upgrading plugins – Activating Plugin & managing plugins – Recommended Plugins – Working with Content – Posts Vs Pages – Creating a post – Adding Hyperlinks – Adding Media files to content –images and videos – Playing with Media content – Using Categories and Tags – Previewing and Editing Posts – Creating Pages – Previewing and Editing Pages – Page Hierarchy – Page Order – WordPress Settings – General settings – Writing settings – Reading – Discussion – Media Permalinks – WordPress Backup – Enhancing WordPress Security

Joomla Training in Chennai | Joomla training in Velachery Joomla Course in Chennai

Introduction to Joomla – Joomla 1.5X Administration:Edit Template – Back up Database – E-mail Users – Media Manager – Module Manager – Set up RSS Trash Manager- Update User – User Manager – Joomla Conten – Add a Category – Add Content Item – Add Section – Add Contact Form – Assign Template – Change Access Level – Change Front page Layout – Change Home page – Publishing Controls – Joomla Set up – Install Joomla 1.5 – Install Extension from URL – Install Extension Manually – Install an Extension – Global Configuration – Enable SEF – Change Installed Folder – Joomla Menus – Menu Manager – Add Menu Items – Internal, External, Separator, Alias – Practical Session for the Developer – Creating a Joomla Module

Drupal Training in Chennai | Drupal Training in Velachery Drupal Course in Chennai

What is Drupal – Why use Drupal – Drupal Supported Applications – Content Management, Classification System, Web log, Discussion-Based Community and Collaboration – Installation of Drupal – Manual & Automatic Installation – How to use Drupal? – Drupal Modules – Views, Content Construction kit, Path auto, Token, File field, Administration Menu, Show case & Quality Assurance, Image Field, Image API, Image Cache, Date – Drupal Themes – Users & Access Control in DrupalAccess Rules,Permissions, Roles, Users & User Settings – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Friendly URLs – Drupal Back up & UpgradeBack up of all Website Files Back up/Export of Database – Drupal Update – Drupal Taxonomy- Term, Vocabulary Categorization – Tagging – Create New Vocabulary – Manage Vocabularies – Post Content in Drupal – Taxonomy

Magento Training in Chennai | Magento E-commerce course in Chennai |Magento Training in Velachery Magento E-commerce course in Velachery

Overview of the PHP – Introduction of different Web Technology – What is PHP – How PHP Works –Summary – Setting up and Installing Magento – Installation of Server – Installing Magento – Installation of MY SQL – Summary – Magento Installation – Magento Features – Configure Magento Webstore – Magento Products – Magento Products Import – Magento Quantity – Magento Categories – Magento Special Prices – Magento Orders – Magento Themes – Magento CMS – Magento SSL -Magento Customer Management – Magento Modules – Magento Shipping Modules – Magento Payment Modules – Magento Issues – Magento Newsletter – Magento Widgets – SEO for Magento – Google Analytics for Magento -Move Magento – Shipping and Payment methods in Magento – Common issues with importing/exporting – Introduction about Database – Data Types – DML – DDL – Aggregate functions – Data Time functions – Stored Procedure – Sub query and join -MySQL Introduction – MySQL Connect – MySQL Create – MySQL Insert – MySQL Select – MySQL Where – MySQL Order By – MySQL Update – MySQL Delete – FTP Management: Understanding FTP – Setting up FTP Server (Live) – Uploading and downloading FTP contents – Summary – Sending Emails: Designing email panel – How to send an email to various users – Sending auto email.

Who can join to Advanced PHP Course in Chennai | Advanced PHP Course in Velachery

  • BE/B.Tech in ECE / EEE / EIE / Electronics / CSE / IT
  • BSc / MSc (Electronics / Instrumentation / CS / Physics)
  • M.Tech in Electronics / CSE / IT / Mechatronics
  • Diploma in Computer Technology / IT
  • College students / Final year students
  • Working professionals who are looking for career changes
  • Business People to design and promote their website
  • School Students

One day Web Designing Work Shop Training / Two day Web Designing Work Shop Training / Short Time Web Designing Work Shop Training / Web Designing IPT / Web Designing Projects E-Commerce Projects / PHP Application Project Training is available for college students or final year college students on demand thru On Campus / Off Campus Mode.

Fees Structure for Advanced Web Designing and Development course in Chennai

ATS offers the package cost for Advanced Web Designing and Development courses in Velachery from Rs.7,000/- upto Rs.30,000/-

Web Designing Course in Velachery package cost is Rs.8,000/- for 1 ½ month duration
1st Package : HTML + CSS + Java Script + JQuery
Web Development course in Velachery package cost is Rs.15,000/- for 2 ½ month duration
2nd Package : 1st Package + PHP & MySQL +AJAX + XML + MVC + PhotoShop
Advanced Web designing and development Course in Velachery package cost is Rs.18,000/- for 3 months duration
3rd Package : Package 1 + Package 2 + Boostrap + AngularJS + NodeJS Advanced Web designing and development training in Velachery package cost is Rs.25,000/- for 4 months duration
4th Package : P1 + P2 + P3 + Word Press, Joomla, Drupal
E-Commerce Training in Chennai at package cost is Rs.30,000/- for 5 months duration 5th Package : P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 with Magento

ATS provide the Supports for PHP Training with Placement in Velachery

All Web Designing and Development Training Course package cost includes the Software support, Study Materials, Course completion Certificate with ISO Logo, Internal Exams and Evaluations, Project guidance & Assistance, Placement training and unlimited interviews till settle in a job, Help to purchase the Microsoft Exam voucher for Microsoft Certification Exams and other Certification Exams, Training based on the dumps towards to clear the exams & Arranging the accommodation from Pearson VUE Testing Center in Chennai or other locations etc.,

Global Certifications for Web Designing and Development Certification in Chennai

There are many certification titles are available for Website Designing course in Chennai. Call to 7810998987 / 7810898997 / 9677183515 / 044 43033161 for more details.

Job positions for HTML and CSS Courses in Chennai

After completed our Advanced Web Designing Training Course in Velachery, you can start your career as a Role of Web Developer, Website Designer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Programmer, Test Engineer, System Consultant, Project Associate, System Architect and can have the chance to grow upto Project Lead or Project Manager etc,.

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Recommended as No.1 PHP Training Institute in Chennai |  No.1 PHP Training Institute in Velachery by our students and Corporate. We provide high class and end to end training in Advanced PHP Course in Velachery. Please call us to 7810898997 / 7810998987 / 9677183515 or give a cut call or fill up our online enquiry form to get more details about HTML Certification Course in Chennai.

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