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Are you Looking for Android Training Institute in Velachery?IOS Training Institute in Velachery, Chennai. AllTechZ Solutions is one of the Best Android Training Institute in Chennai | IOS Training Institute in Chennai offers various course package on Mobile apps development training with placement in Velachery. Nowadays, Mobile applications are very easier to use more than a website that allow more flexibility and can address specific customer needs, increase trust and recognition by the targeted audience. Most of the young people are going with mobile a long time ago. A mobile app can be accessed from anywhere at any time and customer can interact with the business while where ever they go and Young people are choosing to rely on their mobile devices, even though they may have access to a traditional PC. Smartphone have become the new tool for chatting with friends, browsing and purchasing products and services online. Mobile applications are running in various platforms such as Windows, Android and MAC devices. So, IT companies are putting their interest to develop the mobile apps for their customer to increase the sales and customer business then IT aspirants will have a wide range of job opportunities to get a safer job in IT industries. AllTechZ Solutions provide in-depth training in Mobile apps development course in Chennai for Job Seekers and Experienced professionals as well.

ATS packages for Mobile application development course in Velachery, Chennai.

Package 1 : Google Android apps Development Training for 1 ½ Month duration
Package 2: Core JAVA + Google Android apps Development Training for 3 Months duration
Package 3: Apple IOS apps Development with Objective C Programming for 1 ½ M duration
Package 4 : Core JAVA + Android apps + IOS apps development training for 4 Month duration

ATS Syllabus for Google Android Training in Chennai | Android Course in Chennai

Introduction to Android – What is Android – Setting up development environment – Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension – Basic Building blocks-Activities – Services – Broadcast Receivers Content providers – UI Components – Views & notifications – Components for communication – Intents & Intent Filters – Android API levels (versions & version names) – Application Structure (in detail) – AndroidManifest.xml (Uses-permission & uses – sdk, Activity/services/receiver declarations) – Resources & – Assets – Values – Strings.xml – Layouts & Draw able Resources – Activities and Activity lifecycle – First sample Application – Deploying sample application on a real device – Emulator-Android Virtual Device – Launching emulator – Editing emulator -settings – Emulator shortcuts – Logcat usage – Introduction to DDMS – File explorer – Basic UI design – Form widgets – Text Fields – Layouts (Relative Layout – Table Layout – FrameLayout, Linear Layout – Nested layouts) – [dip-dp-sip-sp] versus px Preferences – SharedPreferences – Preferences from xml – Menu – Option menu – Context menu – Sub menu – Menu from xml – Menu via code Intents Explicit Intents – Implicit intents – Develop an app for switching between activities demonstrating the communication between Intents UI design – Time and Date – Images and media – Composite – Alert Dialogs & Toast – Popup Tabs and Tab-Activity-Tab-host-Tab-widge-Tab – Styles & Themes – Styles.xml – Colors.xml- declaring colors and drawables – Drawable resources for shapes, gradients (selectors) – Shapes drawables, State drawables, Transition drawables, 9 Patch drivable – Style attribute in layout file – Applying themes via code and manifest file – Linkify – WebURL-Email address-text-map address-phone numbers – MatchFilter & TransformFilter – Adapters and Widgtes – Adapters – Array Adapters – BaseAdapters – ListView and ListActivity – Custom ListView – GridView using adapters – Gallery using adapters – Notifications – Broadcast Receivers – Services and notifications – Toast – Alarms – Debugging android applications – Intent and intent filters – Status bar- dialog notification – Custom components – Custom Toast – Custom dialogs – Custom Tabs – Custom animated popup panels – Other components – Threads – Threads running on UI thread(runOnUiThread) – Worker thread – Handlers & Runnable – AsynTask(in detail) – SQLite Programming – SQLite Programming – SQLiteOpenHelper – SQLiteDatabse – Cursor – Content providers – Defining and using content providers- Sharing database among two different applications using content providers – Reading and updating Contacts – Reading bookmarks – Develop an App to demonstrate database usage – CRUD operations must be implemented – Final details should be viewed in List View – Android Debug Bridge(adb) tool – Multimedia in android (Multimedia supported audio formats – – Media playback – Supported video formats) – Accessing android hardware -Using the media apis – Using the camera – Using the accelerometer and compass-Animations – Programmatically creating animations – Introducing tweened animations – Graphics and Animations – Drawing graphics in android – Drawing with xml – Canvas drawing best practice – Networking – Overview of networking – Checking the network status – Communication with server socket – Working with HTTP – Web Services – Sensors – How sensors work – Listening to sensor reading Best Practices for Performance – Wi-Fi – Monitoring and managing internet connectivity – Managing active connections – Managing wifi – Telephony – Making Calls – Monitoring Data connectivity and activity – Accessing Phone properties and status – Controlling the phone-Camera – Taking picturing Rendering preview – Blue Tooth – Controlling local blue tooth device – Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices – Managing blue tooth connections – Communicating with Bluetooth – Services – Update the Manifest File – Simplifying StatusActivity – UpdaterService – Creating the UpdaterService Java Class – Update the Manifest File – Add Menu Items – Update the Options Menu Handling – Looping in the Service – Pulling Data from Twitter – Testing the Service – GPS, Location based Services – Simulating your location within the emulator -Using LocationManager and LocationProvider – Working with maps -Converting places and addresses with Geo Coder – Advanced – Live Folders – Using sdcards – Reading and writing – XML Parsing – JSON Parsing – Including external libraries in our application – Maps via intent and MapActivity – Accessing Phone Services (Call,SMS,MMS) – Action bar tabs and custom views on Action bars – Introduction to fragments – Work With Your Android Phone – Get your Apps on Phone Get Connected with Android Market – App Transfer Among Hand Sets

ATS Syllabus for Apple IOS Training in Chennai | Apple IOS Course in Chennai

Objective C Training in Chennai | Apple IOS with swift training in Chennai

Why iOS :

The Mobile App Paradigm – Introduction to Xcode – Main characteristics of mobile apps – Differences between mobile apps and desktop apps – How iOS is tailored to a mobile platform – iOS main components and services – Model-View-Controller Design Paradigm : The Mobile App Paradigm – Review of Intro to MVC – UIView and UIWindow classes – View Hierarchy – Transparency – Memory Management – Coordinate Space – Custom Views: Creating a subclass of UIView, Drawing with Core Graphics – Controllers – View Controller Initialization, View Life Cycle, Controllers of Controllers – Intro to Objective : C – Coordinate Space – Obj-C vs. C++ vs – C# – Objects – Dynamic Typing and Binding – Classe – Foundation Basics: collections- enumeration – Memory Management Basics – Advanced Objective : C – Protocols Views (View Life Cycle) – Views – Custom Views – Custom Views – Controllers – Controllers of Controllers – Controllers – Controllers of Controllers – Handling Gestures – Recognizing and Handling Gestures: pinch – pan – zoom – swipe – and tap – Content Display – UIImageView – UIWebView – UIScrollView – UITableView and – UITableView Controller – Persistent Storage – Property Lists and their limitations – Archiving Object s – Storing on the filesystem – SQLite – Core Data Framework Using @ propertys to access information – Xcode Generated Code for @property access – Querying data – Displaying Core Data data in Table Views – Fetch Request – Core Data Table View Controller – Blocks and Multithreading – What is a block – Block Syntax – Context and Scope – Memory Management in Blocks – Declaring variables to hold blocks – Shorthand in block definitions – Usages of Block – Grand Central Dispatch API – Creating and Releasing Queues – Putting blocks in queues – Getting the current or main queue – Advanced Service – Textual content: UITextView – Keyboard control – Alerts & Timers – Core Media: audio, still photos and video – Core Motion: accelerometer and gyro in apps – Uploading to the App Store – Uploading to the app store

Who can join to Advanced Mobile application development Course in Chennai

  • BE/B.Tech in ECE / EEE / EIE / Electronics / Biomedical / CSE / IT
  • BSc / MSc (Electronics / Instrumentation / CS / Physics with specialization in Electronics)
  • M.Tech in Electronics / CSE / IT / Mechatronics
  • College students / Final year students
  • Working professionals who are looking for career changes
  • Business people

Android WorkShop training | Android Projects in Chennai | Android Project Training

One day Android WorkShop Training | One day IOS apps WorkShop Training | Two day Mobile apps development WorkShop Training / Short Time Android WorkShop Training / Short Time Android course | Android IPT | Android Project Training | Android application Project Training is available for college students / Final year college students on demand thru On Campus / Off Campus Mode

Fees Structure for Android course in Chennai | IOS Course in Chennai

Package 1 : Advanced Android apps Development Training fee Rs.12,000/- for 1 ½ months
Package 2: Core JAVA + Google Android apps Development Training fee Rs.18,000/- for 2 ½ months duration
Package 3: Apple IOS apps Development Training fee Rs.18,000/- for 1 ½ month
Package 4 : Core JAVA + Android apps + IOS apps development training fee Rs.30,000/- for 4 months duration

ATS provide the Supports for Android Training in Velachery | IOS Training in Velachery

All our Mobile apps Course package cost includes the Software support, Study Materials, Course completion Certificate with ISO Logo, Exams and Evaluations, Project guidance & Assistance, Placement training and unlimited interviews till settle in job. Help to purchase the Online Certification Exam voucher for Certification Exams, Arranging the accommodation from Pearson VUE Testing Center in Chennai | Pearson VUE Testing Center in Velachery or other locations.

Certifications for Android Certification Course in Chennai | IOS Certification Course in Chennai

There are many certifications are available listed below for Android Certification Courses till now.

AND-401 Android Application Development
AND-402 Android Security Essentials
AND-403 Monetize Android Applications
AND-400 Training Skills for Android ATC Certified Trainer

Call to 7810898997 / 7810998987 / 9677183515 / 044 43033161 to get more details about IOS Certification in Chennai

Job positions for Mobile apps courses in Chennai

After completed our Android Training Course | MAC Apps Development Course, you can start your career as a Role of Mobile Apps Designer, Mobile apps developer, System Engineer, Software developer, Apps developer, System Architect etc.

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Recommended as No.1 Android Training Institute in Chennai | No.1 IOS Training Institute in Chennai by our students and Corporate. We provide high class and end to end training in Android Course in Velachery | IOS Course in Velachery. Please call us to 7810898997 / 7810998987 / 9677183515 or give a cut call or fill up our online enquiry form to get more details about Mobile Apps Certification Course in Chennai.

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