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Are you Looking for Selenium Automation Course in Chennai? AllTechZ Solutions is a Best Selenium Automation Tool Training Center in Chennai, provides the in-depth training by the experienced professionals who are working in top MNC and having multiple project experience ready to share their experience by providing the training in the real time scenarios for selenium courses. Selenium is a one of the Open Source testing tool and having a set of different tools package each tool has a different approach to supporting the test automation. This entire suite of selenium tools having results in a rich set of testing functions especially geared to the needs of testing of web applications of all types, as it support various programming languages, Browsers and Operating Systems.

ATS Syllabus for Advanced Selenium course in Chennai.


Java Introduction – Installing java – Why java for selenium – Features of java. IDE(INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT) – Eclipse setup – First Eclipse project – First Java Project.


Data types – String concepts – Conditional Statements – Types of Loops – statements – Usage of loops in selenium – Practical example with the Test Requirements.


What are functions – Function input parameters – Functions return types – Functions overloading.


Single Dimensional Arrays – Two Dimensional Arrays – Drawbacks of Array – Object Arrays.

Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPS):

Local Variables – Global Variables – Static and Non-Static Variables – Static and Non-Static Functions – Creating Objects in Java – Meaning of static – Why is main method static? – Object and Object References – Call by reference and Value – Swap – Constructors.

Inheritance and Interfaces:

Concept of inheritance – Interface – Overloading and overriding functions – Handling packages – Exception handling – Types of exceptions – Need of exception handling in java framework.

Introduction to collection API:

Array list – Hash table – List – Enumeration – Reflection API – Sets – Vectors.


String class and functions – I/o functions – Reading/Writing Text Files – Reading Properties File in Java – Concept of jar file – POI API in java – Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files – Log4j API for Logging.


Difference Between QTP and Selenium – Introduction and Features of Selenium and Why? – Test Automation for Web Applications – Selenium Components – Supported Browsers – Flexibility and Extensibility.


Getting Started – Choosing Your Selenium Tool – Introducing Selenium Commands – Test Suites – Commonly Used Selenium Commands.


Introduction – Installing the IDE – Opening the IDE – IDE Features – Building Test Cases – Running and Pausing Test Cases – Debugging – Executing Selenium-IDE Tests – Using Base URL to Run Test Cases in Different Domains – Selenium Commands – “Selenese”


Creating a test suite – Creating tests in a test suite – Adding a new test, in a test suite – Deleting a test from a test suite – Running a test suite from IDE – Running the test suite from Selenium Core – Analyzing the results


Verifying Page Elements – Introduction to Locating Elements – Locating elements by identifiers – Locating elements by xPath – Locating elements by DOM – Inserting commands in between script – XPATHS and installing firebug to get XPATHS – Wait Commands – Verification and Assertions – Should I use verify or assertion – Introduction Matching Text Patterns – Store Val and StoredVars Demystified – echo – The Selenese Print Command – Extracting all values of dropdown – Reading XML from JavaScript using DOM – Building Test Cases – Parameterize your IDE test cases with customized use extension and XML – Handling JavaScript Alerts – Testing Flash applications with IDE – Selenium Flex API – Matching Text Patterns – Regular expressions – The “AndWait” Commands – Sequence of Evaluation and Flow Control – Store Commands and Selenium Variables.


Digital Input and Output – Analog to Digital Converter – Digital to Analog Converter – Real Time Clock – UART – Phase Locked Loop – Pulse Width Modulation – Timers – Inter Integrated Circuits – Communication – Serial Peripheral Interface – System Peripherals


How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium – Tools to identify elements/objects – Firebug – IE Developer tools – Google Chrome Developer tools – Locating elements by ID – Finding elements by name – Finding elements by link text – Finding elements by XPath – Finding Elements by using CSS – Types of Css – What is Absolute path – What is Relative path


IDE Context Menu – Asserting the elements – Verifying the elements – Wait For elements – Storing the elements – Adding Selenium IDE comments – Building Test cases using Selenium IDE – Synchronization commands – Working on pages with AJAX – Creating test suites – What you cannot record – Some Special IDE commands: goBack – refresh -Enterkey simulation – mouseOver – highlight.


What is Selenium Remote Control – Overview of Selenium Remote Control using JAVA – Download selenium RC – Installing selenium RC – Starting selenium server from Command prompt – Stopping selenium server from Command prompt and Browser – Running selenium scripts/tests from Command prompt using selenium RC – Executing Selenium- IDE Test suites on Different browsers – Report generation for selenium scripts – Difference between Selenium IDE and Selenium RC – Difference between Webdriver(2.x) and Selenium RC(1.x) – Configuring Selenium RC in Eclipse – Javadocs for Selenium RC – Selenium Interface – Starting and Stopping Selenium Server from eclipse – Running Sample Selenium code using SeleneseTestCase class – Running Sample Selenium code using DefaultSelenium class -Browsers supported by RC – FireBug and Firepath – XPATHS and their usage with Selenium RC – Full and partial Xpath – Various methods of initializing the server – Converting Selenium IDE tests to a programming – Debugging Scripts in Eclipse – Frequently used Selenium command.

Highlights to Hands On in RC:

Text box, Link, Button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Drop Down Box, Select value, Display all values, Select Values step by step, Write all values into Notepad/Excel/WordPad, Capture screen shot(positive), Capture screen shot(with failure), Page scroll down using Java script, , Handle alerts, How to read values from excel sheet, Create a Junit suite, Reports, Tool tip, Handling Multiple windows and popups, File uploading, Handling HTTPS sites, Handling regular expression


Configuring JUnit with eclipse – Setting up eclipse – Setting up Selenium cline drivers – Starting Selenium RC Server – JUnit Annotations – Building the test scripts using eclipse – Configuring eclipse to run the tests – Running the test scripts from eclipse – Understanding the test run from eclipse – Using Assertions – Reporting Errors / ErrorCollector – Batch Running – Custom Runners – What is Ant – Downloading and configuring Ant – Build.xml configuration – HTML Report generation using Ant – Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT – Generating the test log and understanding


Installing the TestNG on eclipse – TestNG Annotations – Configuring TestNG libraries with Eclipse – Understanding the Scripts in TestNG format – Exporting the Tests from SeleniumIDE – Adding the necessary methods to work with TestNG – Running the tests with TestNG – Understanding the reports generated by TestNG – Assertions/Reporting Errors – TestNG Reports – Advantages over Junit – Creating a XML file for running the tests though TestNG – Build.xml configuration – XSLT report generation generation using TestNG and ANT – Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT.

SELENIUM WEBDRIVER Training in Chennai

Introduction – Why WebDriver? – Selenium RC and Web driver – Downloading and configuring web driver in eclipse – WebDriver Interface – Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, I phone, Android etc – First Selenium WebDriver Code – Opening multiple browsers at one time – Close and Quit methods in Web driver – What is Firefox profile – Creating own Firefox profile – Magic of HtmlUnitDriveR – HTML language tags – Handling Links with WebDriver – Extracting Xpaths and relevance of Xpaths – Identifying Web Elements using id, name, link name, class, xpath, tag name etc – WebDriver-Backed Selenium-RC – Explicit and Implicit Waits – Capturing – creenshots, Emailing Test results & Popup/tab browsing – Working with Web Tables – Simulating keypress events – Handling java script messages – Running the test with HTMLUnit driver – Handling Input Box/Buttons – Handling Web List – Handling Radio Buttons, Checkboxes – Handling Ajax based applications – Mouse movements.

Hands on Excercises in Web driver:

Text box, Links, Button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Drop Down Box, Select value, Display all values, Write all values into NotePad/Excel/Wordpad, Capture screen shot(positive), Capture screen shot(with failure), Handling On load alerts, Page scroll down using Java script, HTML Unit Driver, Handling Multiple Windows, Implicit wait, Handling Ajax Auto suggests, Handling web tables, Pausing execution for sometime, Introducing wait for sometime, WebDriverWait Class, Handling JavaScript alert messages with Selenium, Simulating the Keyboard Key press event, Simulating Pressing Enter Button of Keyboard, Window handles, Pop up handling in Selenium, Extracting links and other web elements, Attaching files with Selenium, Handling Frames in Web Page, Handling cookies

SELENIUM GRID training in Chennai

Selenium grid 2 introduction – Grid Hub – Grid Node – Grid 1 versus grid 2 – Vmware installation – Configuration of Grid – Setting up Hub – Setting up Node – Grid Console – Node config json -format file – Overview on TestNG overview – TestNG xml file description – TestNG for Parallel execution – Parameter tag in TestNG.xml – @Parameter annotation of TestNG – Ensuring the validity of ant build – DesiredCapabilities Object – RemoteWebDriver Object – Starting the Selenium Remote controls on different platforms – Running the tests parallel – Running the tests sequential – Analyzing the results – About Maven – Flash testing with RC and Web driver.


Introducing Test Design Types of Tests – Validating Results – Location Strategies – Wrapping Selenium Calls – Database Validation – User Extensions – Web Page Content – Static vs. – Dynamic Pages – UI Mapping with Selenium – Creating a shared object repository with Selenium.


Introduction to Automation Test Framework – Architecture of Framework – How to design the Automation Test Framework – Types of Frameworks – Designing the Data Driven Framework – Designing the Keyword Driven Framework – Designing the Hybrid Framework

Who can join to Advanced Selenium Testing tool training in Chennai

  • Any UG and Any PG Degree with basic Software Testing knowledge / Experience
  • BCA / MCA
  • BE/B.Tech in ECE / EEE / EIE / Electronics / Biomedical / CSE / IT
  • BSc / MSc (Electronics / Instrumentation / CS / Physics with specialization in Electronics)
  • M.Tech in Electronics / CSE / IT / Mechatronics
  • College students / Final year students
  • Working professionals who are looking for career changes

Fees Structure for Selenium Tools training with placement in Chennai

ATS offers the package cost for Advanced Selenium course listed below

Advanced Selenium Testing Course in Chennai – Rs.8,000/- – One Month Duration
Advanced Selenium Testing Course with JAVA in Chennai – Rs.12,000/- 2 month
Selenium with Web Driver course in Chennai – Rs.5,000/- – 2 weeks only

ATS provide the Supports for Selenium Training in Velachery

Selenium Testing Training includes the Study Materials, Software, Course completion Certificate with ISO Logo, Exams and Evaluations, Project guidance & Assistance, Placement training and unlimited interviews till settle in job. Help to purchase the Selenium Certification voucher for on line Certification Exams, Arranging the accommodation from Pearson VUE Testing Center in Chennai or other locations.

Global Certifications for Selenium Courses in Chennai

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Job positions for Selenium Certification Courses in Chennai

After completed our Selenium Testing Training Course, you can start your career as a Role Automation Test Engineer, Software Testing Engineer, Software Tester, Test Analyst, Quality Analyst, Performance tester, Security Test Engineer, Database Test Engineer, Mobile apps tester, Telecom tester, Associate Consultant, Test Consultant, V and V Engineers, Test Lead (exp only), Test Manager (exp only) etc.

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