Graphic Designing Training with placement in Chennai at ATS Multimedia Training with Placement in Chennai

Are you Looking for Graphic Designing Training Institute in Chennai?, AllTechZ Solutoins is one of the Best Graphic Designing Training Institute in Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Providing high-class end to end training in multiple tools used for specific purpose. Now a days there is no domain or industry without Graphic design in the world for example Software design, Hardware design, Logos and Corporate identity, Web Graphic designing, gaming designing, Magazine ads, News Letters and promotional items, capability brochures, Tradeshow graphics, leaflet design and digital marketing, media etc.. So IT aspirants will have a wide range of Job opportunities in IT Industry, if they have specialized skills in any tool used in Graphics designs. We, AllTechZ offer various course packages for Graphic designing courses in Velachery | Multimedia Courses in Velachery, designed by the industry experts with latest syllabus.

ATS’s various course packages for Graphic Designing Training Course in Chennai

ATS’s various course packages for Multimedia Training Course in Chennai

Adobe Photoshop Training in Chennai for 1 month duration

Advanced Corel Draw Training in Chennai for 1 month duration

Adobe Illustrator Training in Chennai for 1 month duration

Adobe In design Training in Chennai for 1 month duration

Advanced Flash Scripting Training in Chennai for 1 month duration

ATS Syllabus for Advanced Photoshop Certification course in Velachery

Adobe Photoshop Training in Chennai | Photoshop Training in Velachery

Introduction to Photoshop, Advantages, Different Between photo shop PS2,PS3,Photoshop – Tools(Rectangular Marquee Tool, Lasso Tool, Quick Selection Tool,Crop Tool, Slice Tool) – Tools(Spot Handling Tool ,Brush Tools, Clone Stamp Tool, History Brush Tool,Erase Tool, Gradient Tool, Sharpen tool, Dodge Tool) – Tool (Pen Tool, Text Tool, Path Selection Tool, Shape Tool, Nested Tool,Eye Dropper Tool, Hand Tool , Zoom Tool) – Learn how to replace a color in an image , Basic image and photo editing Introduction to Adjustment Layers – Adjustment Layers – Shadow/Highlight – Dodge Tool – Redeye Removal Tool – Introduction to Layer Styles, et al. – Layer Styles – Cloning and Color Matching Channel Basics – The Channels Palette – Spot Filters – Alpha Channels – The Channel Mixer – How to create Frame, CD Cover, Gold Effects, Vector Mask – How to create Film Role, Black & White Pencil Arts Sun Light Images(Cinema Wallpaper) – Explanation of Photoshop Menus

ATS Syllabus for Advanced Illustrator Certification course in Velachery

Adobe Illustrator Training in Chennai | Illustrator Training in Velachery

Introduction – creating a new document – more about the document – page tool – Selections – The Pen Tools – Layers and Grouping – The Stroke – Type – Shape Objects – Line Tools – Transformations – Aligning and Distributing – Compound Path and Clipping Mask – Applying Color – The Pencil Tools – The Brush Tool – Gradients – Transparency and Masking – Enveloping and Meshes – Smart Guides and Rulers – Scissor and Knife – Pathfinder – Liquefy – Appearance and Styles – Filters – The Blend Tool – Charts and Graphs – RGB and Screen Graphics – Saving for the Web – Slicing for the Web – Image Maps Symbols and Symbol – Image and Photoshop Integration – Variables Palette – Auto Trace Feature – Customizing the Keyboard – creating your own shortcuts

ATS Syllabus for Advanced CorelDraw Certification course in Velachery

CorelDraw Training in Chennai | CorelDraw Training in Velachery

Introduction-Getting Started-Creating A New File – Title Bar-Menu Bar-Work Area-Printable Page – Property Bar-Page Counter Bar-Color Palette-Toolbox-Status Bar-Drawing Figures-Lines-Ellipse-Circles-Rectangle-Square-Polygon-Saving-Closing-Opening-Views-Normal View-Preview-Wire Frame View-Draft View-Zoom-View Manager-Creating a View. – DRAWING – Introduction – Toolbox-Selecting an Object-Resizing an Object-Moving an Object-Changing the Shape-Combining Two Objects-Skewing-Welding the Objects-Blending-Curve Lines-Straight Lines-Continuing a Line-View Mode-Changing-Media Tool-Rotating An Object-Grouping-Fill Tool Fly Out-Filling-Spray Mode – TEXT – Introduction-Text Tool-Entering Artistic Text-Entering Paragraph Text-Converting Text-Formatting Text-Changing the Font Size-Arranging Objects-Ordering The Objects-Changing the Font-Bullets-Decorating the Text-Webdings-Text Editor-Opening-Changing the Alignment-Type Style-Spell Checking-Grammer-Searching Synonyms-Find-Replace-Editing-Kerning-Formatting Characters. – IMAGE – Bitmap Images-Vector Image-Resizing-Rotating-Skewing-Moving-Cropping-Importing Images-Adding Special Effects-Converting to Bitmap-Exporting Images. – PAGE LAYOUT – Changing the Page Size-Changing the Layout-Applying Styles-Applying Bitmaps to the Background – Changing the Background-Adding a Page Frame-Moving Between Pages.

ATS Syllabus for Advanced InDesign Certification course in Velachery

Adobe InDesign Training in Chennai | InDesign Training in Velachery

Arranging palettes – Customizing workspace – Palette menus – Navigation and magnification – Layers Context menus – Selecting objects – Using help – Documents – Starting new documents and page size – Master pages – Footers – Placeholder master – Applying master and overriding master – Editing master pages – Frames – Modifying and resizing text frames – Modifying and resizing graphic frames – Wrapping graphics – Creating and duplicating frames – Rotating and aligning objects – Importing and editing text – Managing fonts – Creating and entering text – Creating headline – Flowing text – Working with styles – Aligning text – Threading text – Changing number of columns – Changing text alignment – Character style – Find and Replace and Spell check – Text on a path – Typography – Vertical spacing – Baseline grid – Space above and below paragraph – Font and type style – Paragraph alignment – Special font features and drop cap – Fill and stroke for text – Kerning and tracking – Working with tabs – Rule for paragraph – Working with color – Adding color to swatch palette – Applying color to objects – Dash stroke – Gradient – Tint – Spot color – Apply color to text – Apply color to object – Creating and applying gradient swatch – Importing and linking graphics – Adding graphics – Vector and bitmap graphics – Managing links to imported graphics – Updating graphics Clipping paths – Settings for display performance – Library to manage objects – Tables – Importing and formatting a table – Formatting borders and alternating row colors – Graphics within tables – Formatting text in table – Character style to table text – Adjust column size – Vector graphics – Document grids – Applying color to path – Pencil tool – Pen tool – Drawing curve and straight – segments – Compound path – Slicing a path with scissor – Adding end shape to open path – Creating texture effects – Inline graphics – Transparency – Transparency setting – Opacity of objects Blending modes – Feathering – Transparency settings for EPS images – Drop shadow – Interactive document – Bookmarks – Hyperlinks – Navigation buttons – Adding a movie – Button with rollover and down states – Adding an action to button – Exporting to pdf – Book – Defining a book – Creating book file – Order and pagination – Table of content – Maintaining consistency – Synchronizing book document – Updating table of content – Indexing the book – Printing and preparation – Preflight Package – Separation preview – Transparency preview – Transparency flattener preview – Printing proof .

Who can join to Multimedia & Graphic Designing Courses in Chennai

  • BE/B.Tech in ECE / EEE / EIE / Electronics / CSE / IT
  • BSc / MSc (Electronics / Instrumentation / CS / Physics
  • M.Tech in Electronics / CSE / IT / Mechatronics
  • Diploma in Computer Technology / IT
  • School Students / College students / Final year students
  • Working professionals who are looking for career changes
  • Business people

Graphic design Workshop Training or Multimedia Courses in Chennai

One day Work Shop Training / Two day Work Shop Training / Short Time course / Summer Courses / Summer Classes / Vacation course / school student training is available on demand thru On Campus / Off Campus Mode.

Fees Structure for Multimedia & Graphic Design Courses in Chennai

ATS offers the package cost for Graphic Design Training Courses in Velachery from Rs.6,000/- upto Rs.25,000/-

Basic Photoshop Training in Velachery fees Rs.4,000/-

Advanced Photoshop Training in Velachery fees Rs.8,000/-

Corel Draw Training in Velachery fees Rs.6,000/-

Illustrator Training in Velachery fees Rs.6,000/-

Adobe In design Training in Velachery fees Rs.6,000/-

Advanced Flash Scripting Training in Velachery fees Rs.6,000/-

Special / Festival / Summer / Corporate / Group Discounts are avail Combo packages are available on demand with best discounts

ATS provide the Supports for Multimedia & Graphic designing course in Velachery

All Multimedia and Graphic Designing Training Course package cost includes the Software support, Study Materials, Course completion Certificate with ISO Logo, Internal Exams and Evaluations, Project guidance & Assistance, Placement training and unlimited interviews till settle in job

Global Certifications for Adobe Certification Training in Chennai

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Job positions for Multimedia Certification Courses in Chennai

After completed our Multimedia Course in Velachery, you can start your career as a Role of Graphic designer, Animation Engineer, Logo Designer, & many roles.

Student Reviews for Best Multimedia Training center in Chennai | Graphic Designing Training Center in Chennai

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Recommended as No.1 Multimedia Training institute in Chennai | No.1 Graphic Designing Training institute in Velachery by our students and Corporate. We provide high class and end to end training in Graphic Design Diploma Course in Velachery. Please call us to 7810898997 / 7810998987 / 9677183515 or give a cut call or fill up our online enquiry form to get more details about Multimedia certification center in Chennai | Graphic design certification center in Chennai

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